Solidary Dental Care

Our goals

  • Dental assistance

    Make dental assistance accessible to people with little economic resources derived from social entities.

  • Collaboration agreements

    Through collaboration agreements with entities working with the least favoured social groups and derived from associated clinics (in Terrassa, Centre Dental Les Escoles and in Hospitalet de Llobregat, Clínica Dental Nacar).

  • Subsidised cost

    The cost of the material is subsidised by individuals and companies buying the Solidary Cards while the professional working hours are paid by the clinic in their Corporate Social Responsibility frame.

  • 368 Patients Assisted

    127 adult patients and 196 children have been assisted until Decembre 2020 in virtue of the collaboration agreements signed by Som Riures  with The Red Cross,  Terrassa Health Consortium, Joined Help Association Coordinator and Hospitalet with Sahara Association.

Treatments made
until desember 2020

303 Ortopantomographies
386 Tartreoctomies
176 Fluorine barnish application
1181 Reconstructions
324 Obturations
11 Pulpotomies
78 Pulpectomies
83 Crowns
100 Prosthesis
84 Pulpar coverings
47 Space keepers
169 Crack sealings
101 Endodontics
4 Curettages
479 Exodontias
40 Fluoritizations
39 TACs
7 Teleradiography
3 Splinting
2 Inlay
4 Gingivectomies
3 Discharge splint
5 Orthodontics assesment
34 Skeletal
3 Anti inflamatory phases
198 Scapres
3 Rebase of prosthesis
27 Periapical x-rays
2 Expansion plates
1 Fixed orthodontic treatments with brackets
26 Orthodontic control visits
109 Odontopediatrics control visits
81 Adult control visits
2 Essix
1 Interceptive devices
4 Composures
4 Add teeth
4 Endodontic Cures
1 Orthodontic contents